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Artist At Resort (AAR) is the artist in residence program for new creations in the field of dance and performance hosted by Tanz*Hotel. During the process, the participating artists receive mentoring or creative coaching by Bert Gstettner. The works are co-produced by Tanz*Hotel.

As a result of the Covid 19 Crisis 2020 the AAR Term 17 was rescheduled. Instead of March-June it takes place July-October. We are incredibly curious about the results of research by: 

Jasmin Schaitl (A) & Tereza Silon (CZ) | The Touch can tell
Elisabeth Schilling (D) | Skizzen zu Ligeti
Noemi Fischer (A) & HAH-Team | Bakchen-Materialien nach Euripides
Hygin Delimat (PL/A) | Landscape before catastrophe

 Performances October 16-18/2020
7pm doors open | 7.30pm Performances |  approx. 9.30pm end of evening, chat with artists
Tanz*Hotel | Resort 1020 Studios at Zirkusgasse 35, 1020 Vienna
Fee: 16 / 12 Euro | Limited seats available, reservation needed via Ticketteer.

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Concept, Choreography, Dance: Elisabeth Schilling
Music: 6 of 18 Études pour piano by Györgi Ligeti 

Photos: Martina Stapf

Have ever two forms of art entered a closer and more intricate relationship than music and dance? But how does music actually move? How does dance sound? And where do these sounds and movements meet or how they are liberated from each other?  The Hungarian composer György Ligeti said of his virtuosic Études pour piano that in the process of composition “tactile concepts were almost as important as acoustic ones”… it is following this line of thought, that the choreographer Elisabeth Schilling has created an unprecedented take to choreographically interpret those Études pour piano

Elisabeth Schilling is a dancer and choreographer. She regularily dances in international productions across Europe, she has received numerous choreographic commissions and her  past productions have been touring successfully through Europe. Elisabeth currently creates the work HEAR EYES MOVE. Dances with Ligeti - a choreographic work for five dancers and live piano.


Concept, Performance: Jasmin Schaitl (A), Tereza Silon (CZ)
in collaboration with: Imani Rameses (US/A)
Music: excerpt Ungleich ist der Welten Lohn by Christian Konrad Schröder (A)

Photos: Martina Stapf

Together, we collaboratively contemplate touch as a tool and a method for triggering and affecting memory and generating empathy. This performative process seeks to understand forms of intelligence and thinking beyond brain-centred cognition, framed within a material and a sensorial world. We research what human touch on another body induces, specifically, considering our momentary state of mind, and our embodied memories, patterns, experiences and their constellations.Our skin is the largest organ equipped with thousands of receptors and is imbued with innate intelligence. What does closeness mean in and for itself? Considering touch and sharing of proximity: Where is touch located and perceived, and where does one begin and end as an individual? 

 Jasmin Schaitl is a visual artist and performer. The main medium of expression in her work is the body: in performance, sculpture, drawing and video. The topics of presence and absence, as well as the format of the line, have led her to her current research focus, the interface between the haptic sense and memory.

Tereza Silon is an artist using mainly a range of performance and facilitation as her medium. She is also an experimental bodyworker interested in different modalities, researching bodies, their contextual relations, shapes of intimacies and natural and social ecologies. She both values and at times loses to the emergent and the ephemeral, embracing them as a (queering) strategy potentiating beauty and knowledge.


Concept, Choreography, Performance, Sound: Hygin Delimat (PL/A) / Body Architects
Music: Henryk Górecki Symphony No.3, Op.36

Photos: Hygin Delimat 

Let's dive into the choreographic picture of inevitability. Let's imagine the decay, destruction and doom but also the stillness and peacefulness that precede them. This bold emotional landscape gets transformed into a dance between a sensitive body and a fragile object. It is a dialogue between the frivolous now and the responsible...

Hygin Delimat is a choreographer, performer and artistic leader of Body Architects and Craft Choreography. In his movement research, Hygin integrates approaches and philosophies of somatic methods and the newest movement disciplines (breakdance, tricking, freerunning, hiphop). |


Conception, Research and directed by: Noemi Fischer / Hand Aufs Herz
Performance: Ines Roessl, Desirèe M. Jakobs, Mona Rabofsky, Nadine-Sara Lüthi | Live Music, Composition: Melissa Coleman, Maria Gstättner
Text: Euripides, Bakchen, translated by Wolfgang Schadewaldt (Suhrkamp)


AAR T*H-Team
Artistic Director, Mentor: Bert Gstettner 
Technical Director: Alexander Wanko | Graphic Design: Kornelius Tarmann, Judith Rataitz | Organisation: Claudia Bürger 
Tanz*Hotel/Art*Act in coproduction with the artists in residence
  T*H | Artist At Resort - support
Wien-Kultur, Leopoldstadt, Bildrecht GmbH


 AAR TeilnehmerInnen Term 1 – 16

Sharon Booth (CAN), Sonja Browne & danse brute (A), Fanni Futterknecht (A), Deborah Hazler (A), Veronika Mayerböck (A), Natalie Trs (A), Lina Maria Venegas (A), Howool Baek (KOR), Stefanie Wieser (A), Paolo Baccarani (I), Tobias Draeger (D), Michael Turinsky (A) & danse brute, Silvia Salzmann (A), Julia Danzinger (A), Sophie Beer (A), Andrea Nagl (A), Indira Nunez (VE), Leonie Humitsch (A), Silvia Salzmann (A), Vera Neubauer (A), Nora Pider (A), Helen Schoene (GER), Arttu Palmio (FIN), Matthias Mollner (A), Matan Levkowich (ISR), Andrea Maria Handler (A), Tiina Sööt (EE), Dorothea Zeyringer (A), Karin Steinbrugger (A), Jasmin Schaitl (A), William "Bilwa" Costa (US), Gina Battistich (A), Waltraud Brauner (A), Nici Rutrecht (A), Maria Teresa Tanzarella (I), Cat Jimenez (A), Arne Mannott (D), Sara De Santis (I), Patric Redl (A), Suni Löschner (A), Andrea Gunnlaugsdóttir (ISL), Sarah Isabel Beckmann (A), Silvia Brodi (I), Katharina Weinhuber (D), Sophia Hörmann (A), Lola Atger (F), Verena Schneider (A), Iris Dittler (A), Desi Bonato (I), Eva Sommer (A), Miriam Kruppa (A), Inge Kaindlstorfer & lux flux (A), Asher O'Gorman (A, GB), Daniel Lercher (A), Tara Silverthorn (GB), Soraya Leila (A, CH)...

 Documentation Term 1-16


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