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We are looking forward to see the results of the residence project Artist At Resort | Term 18. The artists are supported by mentor Bert Gstettner. Unfortunately, and for reasons that are well known, the live-showings cannot take place by the end of April. During the same time the performances are published online on Vimeo:

Olivia Hild | _melt_
Sebastian Bechinger & Imani Rameses & Lucia Rosenfeld | Terra Incognita
Elena Waclawiczek | Imprints of Relations in Space

Werkschau & Performances
Without audience: April 29 & 30/2021 at Tanz*Hotel | Resort 1020 studio 1 & 2
Online for 60h: May 1/2021, 7pm until May 4, 7am at Master AAR.m4v from TANZ*HOTEL

Programme PDF >>> | Mentoring & Reflexion PDF >>> | Kritik PDF >>>

Artistic Director, Mentor: Bert Gstettner 
Photos: Martina Stapf | Video: Sigrid Friedmann, Ulrich Kaufmann
Graphic Design: Kornelius Tarmann, Judith Rataitz
Technical Director: Alexander Wanko | Organisation: Claudia Bürger 
Tanz*Hotel/Art*Act in coproduction with the artists in residence

  T*H | Artist At Resort - Support
Wien-Kultur, Leopoldstadt, Bildrecht GmbH, bmkoes


Concept, Performance, Installation: Olivia Hild 

Photos: Martina Stapf für T*H-AAR

/ melt / structures / time /
Although crystals have their defined order - defined structure - the atoms are vibrating at their spot. When the temperature rises they vibrate with an increasing frequency until they shake themselves out of their place. (after Feynman, 1963)

I look at the melting ice and feel, what it says about our current time, the status quo; I think about the falling of linear time-structures; the melt-down of thinking-patterns; about breath, connection and perspective.

_melt_ is a hybrid format of performance and installation. It follows questions of a melting physical and spatial sensation. It is the first part of a long-term performative research on changing states of matter and their relation to space, ecology and affect. 

Olivia Hild (AT) is a contemporary artist, active in the fields of choreography, installation, performance and dance. She‘s interested in physical and affective states and composes them in space, in an extended choreographic understanding. She studied at the dance department of MUK Vienna (BA) and fine arts at the Bezalel Academy Jerusalem (MFA). 



Imprints of Relations in Space
Concept, Performance: Elena Waclawiczek

Photos: Martina Stapf für T*H-AAR

The relation and dialogue between body, space and material, is the starting point for the artistic research “Imprints of relations in space”.
Every interaction between object, material and body in space is an encounter. My body is not only a subject seperated and surrounded by objects. My body itself is matter, object and subject. Through the interaction and encounter with space and material, I locate the body, its potential, whereby the surrounding space becomes the space of action for my impulses. Already the entry of the body - the step from its absence to its presence - triggers movement in space: The body is occupying space, the air is distributed differently ... A living, moving body is generating movement, of air, of objects ... and movement and encounter are generating sound. At the same time, the movements and sounds in space, triggered by an alive body, have an effect on the body in return.

Elena Waclawiczek (AT) is a visual artist and performer based in Vienna and Paris. With the body in relation with space, surrounding, materials, other bodies and objects, she is creating performances, video-works and installations, which are often crossing the line between visual art, dance and choreography. As a research method, and way of expression and communication the improvisation plays a key-role in most of her solo- and collaborative works. On the issue of improvisation and collective-transmedial-instant Composition she is working in art and performance projects, with musicians, visual and cross-over artists, painters, poets and dancers all over Europe.



Terra Incognita (working titel)
Concept, Performance: Sebastian Bechinger (project initiator) & Imani Rameses & Lucia Rosenfeld

Photos: Martina Stapf für T*H-AAR

"Ecological thinking considers each ecosystem it studies to be contained within certain parameters; not infinite, but limited, and subject to rules. For this reason, ecologists prefer to devote their research to islands." Matthew Goulish 

Each of us has arrived, has made it safely to this shoreline — we hope your journey was not to wearing. What do you remember? Do you know the events of the past, or do you know what to do now? How does your memory manifest itself when you move? This system is looking for closure, this system, made of islands of memory, connected by eddies and currents of movement. We cannot, in a place like this expect that a straight line will bring up to our destination. Do you know what lives here on these islands of memory? What inhabits this terra incognita?

Sebastian Bechinger (AT, UK) is an artist and performance practitioner, somatic movement educator in Body-Mind Centering® | Imani Rameses (AT, USA) is a practicing dancer, choreographer, and cognitive neuroscientist | Lucia Rosenfeld (AT) is a dancer, choreographer and eductor. |