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Artist At Resort (AAR) is the artist in residence program for new creations in the field of dance and performance. During the process, the participating artists receive mentoring or creative coaching by Bert Gstettner. Together with a guest of AAR Term 18, we are going to see the results of the following artists within a three-day showcase by the end of October 2021:

Veronika Kulcsar | Finding (a) Truth | Oct 28, 29, 30/2021
Nina Sandino | How Many Layers? | Oct 28, 29, 30/2021
Farah Deen, Olivia Mitterhuemer | Friend.shift | Oct 28 & 30/2021
Elena Waclawiczek | Imprints of Relations in Space | only Oct 29/2021

 Performances Oct 28-30, 2021
7pm doors open | 7.30pm Performances
Tanz*Hotel | Resort 1020 Studios at Zirkusgasse 35, 1020 Vienna
Fee: 16 / 12 Euro | Limited seats available, reservation is required via Ticketleo >>>

"2,5G rules" (vaccinated, recovered, and PCR-tested) and wearing a FFP2 mask as Covid-19 preventive measures

Available only in german language: Programm PDF >>> | Mentoring & Reflecion by B.G. PDF >>> | friendly criticism by rfh PDF >>>

AAR TERM 19 | SHOWCASE TRAILER from TANZ*HOTEL | Bert Gstettner on Vimeo.

Artistic Director, Mentor: Bert Gstettner 
Photos: Martina Stapf | Video: Sigrid Friedmann, Ulrich Kaufmann
Graphic Design: Kornelius Tarmann, Judith Rataitz
Technical Director: Alexander Wanko | Organisation: Claudia Bürger 
Tanz*Hotel/Art*Act in coproduction with the artists in residence

  T*H | Artist At Resort - Support
Wien-Kultur, Leopoldstadt, Bildrecht GmbH, bmkoes


Finding (a) Truth
Dance, Choreography: Veronika Kulcsar (AT, D)
Music: Victor Morato Ribera | Emma Caterinicchio

Fotos: Martina Stapf 

This solowork is a try out, a journey to find a way between the inside and the outside world. How is the inner experience shaped in relation to the influences from outside? How does the relationship between inside and outside is changing? What are the processes and incidences that effects the sense of time and space? Are we going to find a new place, a new state or do we always remain in the tension between the two spheres?


How Many Layers?
Installation, Performance: Nina Sandino (AT)
Music and Voiceover: Ragnheiður Erla | Textile-Expert: Manora Auersperg

Foto: Martina Stapf 

"150 billion garments are being produced a year, we are producing more and discarding faster than before"

How do we meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs? Why care? The act of caring for our clothes extends to the act of caring for our environment and body, and marks ou gratitude by valuing the work of the people who make the things we wear. What connects us is as simple as the fiber of a fabric. This installation/Performance is an invitation to explore and share collectively, a chance to slow down to find togetherness. It´s about intimacy, a way to (RE)connect in order to care and protect.




Dance, Choreography: Farah Deen, Olivia Mitterhuemer (AT)
Music: Fényan, Vril, Isolée | Music-Editing: Andreas Wladimirow

Foto: Martina Stapf 

 Urban Dictionary: A word that sociologist Jan Yager invented to explain how friendships change throughout life

Farah & Olivia have been close friends for 18 years. Always connected through dance, the duo describes their challenges, fulfillments and disappointments with regard to a friendship that is accompanied by deep passion. Friend.shift is a duet about interpersonal relationships, change and development. Even toxic relationships in which addiction, envy and jealousy play a major role will be researched in the piece, as well as the importance of the healing power of hip-hop and house dance to maintain a healthy friendship.  

The research on a 15-minute short piece by the two will begin in autumn 2021 and ultimately lead to a showing and subsequently to a premiere in 2022. By means of interviews, advice from psychologists or sociologists and reading as well as movement research in the studio, the topic of friendship will be examined broadly.


Guest of AAR TERM 18: 

Imprints of Relations in Space
Concept, Performance, Installation, Costume: Elena Waclawiczek (AT)

Foto: Martina Stapf 

The relation and dialogue between body, space and material, is the starting point for the artistic research “Imprints of relations in space”. Every interaction between object, material and body in space is an encounter. My body is not only a subject seperated and surrounded by objects. My body itself is matter, object and subject. Through the interaction and encounter with space and material, I locate the body, its potential, whereby the surrounding space becomes the space of action for my impulses. Already the entry of the body - the step from its absence to its presence - triggers movement in space: The body is occupying space, the air is distributed differently ... A living, moving body is generating movement, of air, of objects ... and movement and encounter are generating sound. At the same time, the movements and sounds in space, triggered by an alive body, have an effect on the body in return. | AAR Term 18 >>>

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