In the residency project Artist At Resort | Term 20 the following participants develop and present their new projects. They will receive artistic support from the curators Bert Gstettner, Andrea Nagl, Imani Rameses. We are looking forward to:

Florian Feit | Kokyū - Atem 
Barbara Jurcsa | Dear Now!
Sara Wilnauer | Into Pieces
Nikola Majtanova & Marcin Denkiewicz | Forthcoming

 Presentations November 18-20, 2022 at 7.30 pm
Tanz*Hotel | Resort 1020 Studios in der Zirkusgasse 35, 1020 Vienna
7 pm Start of sale for reserved tickets  (cash payment only) | 7.30 pm Performances
Tickets: 16 € / 12 € reduced for: members of IGFT, Ö1 as well as for students and senior citizens



Kokyū - Atem
Choreography, Performance, Music: Florian Feit
Music in collaboration with: Lawrence Ritchie
Mentoring, Dramaturgy: Bert Gstettner 

Photos: Atila Vadoc

The torch dragon winds around his mountain with his long serpent body. His breath echoes for a long time – it’s the wind, the sound, the season. He closes his eyes and darkness returns. Meanwhile, the wind sweeps gently through the grove - the flute player becoming one with the sound. "Kokyū - Breath" is a performative reflection on how the inner world may sound and how it can be expressed through music and movement. About the struggle with oneself, craving for calmness and silence, in an ever faster, louder world and on the all connecting living breath.

Florian Feit (AT) has been practicing modern kung fu for over 15 years, initially studying under grandmaster Chen Shi Hong. Two longer stays in a chinese temple helped deepen his knowledge of morfe traditional forms of kungfu and the artistsic use of weopons. Florians second passion lies in music. Playing a collection of woodwind instruments he studied jazzflute and tenor saxophone under Helmut Neugebauer. His love for asian culture also led him to study the japanese shakuhachi, the chinese dizi and the indian bansuri.


Concept, Choreography, Performance: Niki&Martin DUO (Nikola Majtanova, Marcin Denkiewicz)
Live-Music: Xavier Weydert
Mentoring: Bert Gstettner

Photos: Martina Stapf

What's next? - A question that everyone asks themselves in their life. Where is the moment of difference and transition into the unknown future? What happens in the middle of the process of knowing and not knowing? How is the relationship between mind, body and sensual awarness? The performers shift between the imaginary world and the reality of being in the moment in the performance space. What is reality in the end? To overcome the uncomfortable and unknown reality, the performers must leave their comfort zone, face their fears and dive deep into the risk-taking process. 

Marcin Denkiewicz (PL, AT) since 11 years old performing on the stage of Roma Musical Theater and later associated with the modern dance school Caro Dance. In 2019 he graduated from Anton Bruckner University in Contemporary Dance and Pedagogy. Most recently he was working with Bert Gstettner, LajaMartin, Body Architects, Robert Carsen and Kirill Serebrennikov. Besides performing Marcin is teaching contemporary dance workshops with the main focus on acrobatics and partnering techniques.

Nikola Majtanova (SK, AT) studied at the dance conservatory J.L. Bellu in Slovakia, and later at Anton Bruckner University where she achieved her Bachelor of Arts. Her professional experience started in Austria while studying at a university in Landestheater Linz. After graduation, she continued to work as a freelance dancer with artists such as LajaMartin Company, Darrel Toulon, Marion Sparber, Nikolas Paul, Paul Blackman and Jan Lauwers.   

Xavier Weydert (LU, AT) is a Luxembourgish multidisciplinary artist, based in Vienna since 2014. His focus lies in electronic music production and mastering,  but also interactive audiovisual and kinetic art, spatial audio and 3D-sound. His electronic music live project ‘Oboskop’ explores the practice and cultivation of intuition - and mistakes. Oboskop has been playing many underground events and festivals throughout BENELUX countries, Germany and Austria since 2011. 



 Into Pieces
Concept, Choreography, Performance, Music: Sara Wilnauer
Inspiration: Scherben*Splitter 2008Split*ter 2006/07 (Bert Gstettner)
Stage, Costume: Bert Gstettner
Mentoring: Andrea Nagl

Photos: Martina Stapf

In her choreography a character moves through a crumbling, broken world. The piece deals with one's own decay, vulnerability, courage, hope, curiosity and discovery. Voice and sound installations form the tonal framework. Referring to materials from previous choreographies by Bert Gstettner, she creates her own work in this residency.

Sara Wilnauer (AT) works as a freelance musician and dancer. After her studies at the Orff Institute at the University Mozarteum Salzburg, she deepened her focus on singing and dance in versatile artistic projects. With DasCollectif she was nominated for the STELLA Award in the category music in 2021 with "tohuwabohu". Since 2017 she also supports schallundrauch agency as a performer, assistant director and musical consultant. She is currently active in various musical contexts as a composer, singer and instrumentalist and teaches dance and music in Vienna and Lower Austria. 



Dear Now!
Concept, Choreography, Performance: Barbara Jurcsa
Music: Lukas Lauermann „Ence“ | Aes Dana „Antimatter“
Mentoring: Imani Rameses

The piece is focusing on the habitual characteristic of the human mind. Habits seem to be difficult to break, even when they are obviously not supportive or even self-destructive. No matter if of personal, societal or political nature – us humans tend to struggle to change our ways - as if our habits were dominating us. What is this continuous repetition of destructive behaviour about? The artist is looking at the irony that comes with the almost ridiculous resistance against change, even when inner and outer circumstances are clearly calling for it.

Barbara Jurcsa (AT) studied professional stage dance in Austria, as well as in Sydney, Australia. After many years abroad in Australia and Italy, the Austrian-born dancer currently works as a freelance artist and osteopath in Vienna. Her artistic career has taken her from musical theater, to hip-hop, to modern dance, and her fascination with the human body to the study of osteopathy. She draws her inspiration mainly from the dialogue between depth psychology and body language.


Artistic Director, Mentor: Bert Gstettner
Co-Curators, Co-Mentoring: Andrea Nagl, Imani Rameses
Technical Director: Alexander Wanko
Organisation: Claudia Bürger 

T*H | Artist At Resort - is supported by: 
Wien-Kultur, Wien-Leopoldstadt, bmkoes, Bildrecht GmbH


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