Artist at Resort - Term 11



Performances on 4, 5 and 6 December 2015
3.00 p.m. Dance piece for young audience (3+) | 7.30 p.m. Performances

rundum eckig | Karin Steinbrugger
tasks | Jasmin Schaitl & William "Bilwa" Costa
Messort Nest Guy | Gina Battistich
my heart goes BOOM | Waltraud Brauner & Nici Rutrecht
Passport | Maria Theresa Tanzarella

   Tanz*Hotel | Resort 1020, Zirkusgasse 35, 1020 Vienna
€ 6,- // € 13,- / 10,- (Limited seats are available, reservation is recommended)
Booking:, T 01 6026945


3.00 p.m. Dance piece for children from 3 years

rundum eckig
Concept, choreography: Karin Steinbrugger
Dance: Anna Knapp, Cäcilia Färber
Music: Lukas Thöni
Costume/scenery: Vanessa Achilles-Broutin
Dramatic advice: Birte Brudermann

Pics: Karin Steinbrugger

There are parts of my body that are as round as a ball.
And then there are parts that are as square as a cube.
A ball can roll and turn around. So can I.
A cube can tip over. So can I.
Rolling and tipping, turning and rocking,
rurning and tocking, tolling and ripping.
Rolling and tipping over balls and cubes and calls and bubes.
Going on adventures on round mountains,
hiding with square dwarfs.


7.30 p.m. Performances


Concept and structure, Scores, choreography and performance: Jasmin Schaitl & William “Bilwa” Costa
Scores, choreography, performance: Michaela Dueñas-Vega, Anne Glassner


tasks combines sound, movement, and visual elements. Working with materials, objects, and their bodies, a group of performers execute a series of actions, phrases, and scores. Focusing on their relationship to each other and the space, they rotate between the objectives of movement-based tasks and task-based movements. Some tasks reference the qualities of a pendulum, focusing on momentum and gravity, while others address proximity – distance and expansion – contraction. Without narrative, they leave the audience space to propose her/his own meaning, content and thoughts. |


Messort (Nest Guy)
Concept, Performance: Gina Battistich

It is an experimental set-up and performance. Objects go down. Sand will be scooped, poured, worked, spread. A pendulum, that swings, and forces the performer to fall back. A scale, that trembles, shakes, wiggles. Falling follows one step. What’s next?


my heart goes BOOM
Concept, Performance: Waltraud Brauner & Nici Rutrecht


Our hearts beat faster until they explode. For every relationship problem we play the right song in which we try to find some (hidden) advice. Or we just want to move, get lost in our emotions, even if we lose ourselves in them. We carry each other away, collide, dissappear, in order to find us again. Truth or dare? Can we really learn from one relationship to the next? A happy end is uncertain/ questionable, a never-ending story is guaranteed.


Concept, Dance: Maria Teresa Tanzarella
Voice: Joshua Korn
  with the support of Raw Matters (Vienna) and Tragantdansa (Barcelona) | Thanks to Abril Salip Ventura and Andrea Dinapol

All pics this page: Ernst Grünwald

A solo that could stand as a passport of mine. A solo with which I can say: this is me right now. When I start thinking about my biography I get in touch with my emotional body. It is the body how I feel it (not how it objectively is). It’s about the ways that the place we are in affects our feelings. The most complete biography is made up of irregular fragments and faded remnants, one’s own biography, too. We believe that we can tell our lives in a precise and reasoned way, and when we start we realise that they are full of dark areas, of unexplained episodes (and maybe unexplainable), of unmade choices, of missed opportunities, of postponed things, of rejected offers. I am the killer, the victim and in mourning at the funeral at the same time. I had to kill this more obscure part of myself, this thing that confuses me and that I can not dominate, in order to find a place and a dignity for it. What has been, is made also of what hasn’t been; what hasn’t been, can still be.


AAR T*H-Team
Director, Coaching: Bert Gstettner | Stage lighting: Alexander Wanko | Organisation: Claudia Bürger | Production: Art*Act Kunstverein | Tanz*Hotel/Art*Act in Coproduktion with the artists in residence

AAR participants Term 1 - 10
Sharon Booth (CAN), Sonja Browne & danse brute (A), Fanni Futterknecht (A), Deborah Hazler (A), Veronika Mayerböck (A), Natalie Trs (A), Lina Maria Venegas (A), Howool Baek (KOR), Stefanie Wieser (A), Paolo Baccarani (I), Tobias Draeger (D), Michael Turinsky (A) & danse brute, Silvia Salzmann (A), Julia Danzinger (A), Sophie Beer (A), Andrea Nagl (A), Indira Nunez (VE), Leonie Humitsch (A), Silvia Salzmann (A), Vera Neubauer (A), Nora Pider (A), Helen Schoene (GER), Arttu Palmio (FIN), Matthias Mollner (A), Matan Levkowich (ISR), Andrea Maria Handler (A), Tiina Sööt (EE), Dorothea Zeyringer (A)


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