Artist at Resort is the T*H residency project, artists are supported in terms of dramaturgy, choreography and organization by Bert Gstettner. AAR Term 14 is the XL version with six pieces on two events:

Performances Part 1
October 27, 28 at 7:30 PM

Fallhöhe | Arne Mannott & Elina Lautamäki

Glowing | Sophia Hörmann

Alienation | Daya Varkonyi & Marina Rützler 


Performances Part 2
October 30, 31 at 7:30 PM

Bilder einer Frau | Suni Löschner & Katharina Weinhuber

Hospitanz | Helen Schoene

once upon | Verena Schneider & Lola Atger


Tanz*Hotel | Resort 1020, Zirkusgasse 35, 1020 Vienna
€ 13,- / 10,- | Booking:, T 01 6026945



Performance, choreography, idea: Arne Mannott, Elina Lautamäki
Co-choreography, mentoring: Nina Swoboda, Darragh McLoughlin
Supervision: Bert Gstettner
Production: ZirKultur | Co-production: Tanz*Hotel
With friendly support: Katapult Berlin, Arbeitsplatz Wien | Supported by: BKA Österreich


When everything needs to be perfect, what happens to imperfection? If nobody fails, is everything alright? The two performers are playfully looking for answers to these questions and thereby fathom out the quality of their relationship. The manipulation of objects meets dance, the absurd mingles with the poetic. Fallhöhe is a contemporary circus piece which experiments with influences from other art fields. |


Performance, idea: Sophia Hörmann
Sound: Adolfo Garcia, Sophia Hörmann | Costume: Caroline Haberl

Fotos: Caroline Haberl

This performance is about longing to leave your familiar environment, about modifying yourself and shedding your skin. The body which adapts and transforms itself – vibrating, failing, glowing. The performance is a movement collage in four atmospheres.


Performance, concept: Daya Varkonyi, Marina Rützler

„The complaint of a depressed individual - nothing is possible - , is only possible in a
society which believes nothing is impossible.“ Byung-Chul Han

WE – a society of fitness studios, commercial towers, banks, airports, shopping centres and gene laboratories. A society, which never gets enough, is never satisfied and is eternally striving for more. The disciplinary society has been replaced with a meritocracy. Yes, we can! Nothing is impossible! A research in the wake of hyperperformance, hyperproduction and hypercommunication – and the search for a way out. |


Pictures of a woman
Dance, choreography: Suni Löschner, Katharina Weinhuber

Pics: Osso

Katharina Weinhuber and Suni Löschner have been running classes for elderly people in care facilities for several years now. This is the starting point for their dance piece and for their exchange about the dancing, musical and verbal relationship with an older generation. The piece focusses on various female characters, which have been formative for this age group. After many years of life experience, how does the body memory of work and other past activities develop? Which parts of it are alive and present now? |


Hospitanz (working title)
Performance, concept: Helen Schoene
Maeutic support: Giorgio Palma

Pic: Helen Schoene

What if practising is already the achievement? Practice is a steady process, a sequence of actions carried out with precision and devotion, a train of thought, a structure. It is tentative and searching, it contains a wealth of possibilities and variations. It is always an approximation, always orbiting. Performance, presentation, is the aim. A supposed climax, a manifestation, an irreversible judgement. But what if practising is the aim? And is it possible to present this practice?


once upon
Performance, choreography: Lola Atger, Verena Schneider

Pics of rehearsal: Bert Gstettner

Two people, two imaginary worlds, two cultures which encounter each other by chance – the piece develops. Through the encounter they open up and explore each other, they get to know and understand each other. The duet is about human relationships, interactions, similarities and differences. Dance and contemporary circus are coming together for a lively and exciting journey. |


AAR T*H-Team
Artistic director, coaching: Bert Gstettner
  Technical director: Alexander Wanko | Graphic: Kornelius Tarmann, Judith Rataitz | Video: Sigrid Friedmann | Organisation: Claudia Bürger
Tanz*Hotel/Art*Act in coproduktion with the artists in residence


 T*H | Artist At Resort - support
Wien-Kultur, Leopoldstadt, Bildrecht GmbH


AAR TeilnehmerInnen Term 1 – 13
Sharon Booth (CAN), Sonja Browne & danse brute (A), Fanni Futterknecht (A), Deborah Hazler (A), Veronika Mayerböck (A), Natalie Trs (A), Lina Maria Venegas (A), Howool Baek (KOR), Stefanie Wieser (A), Paolo Baccarani (I), Tobias Draeger (D), Michael Turinsky (A) & danse brute, Silvia Salzmann (A), Julia Danzinger (A), Sophie Beer (A), Andrea Nagl (A), Indira Nunez (VE), Leonie Humitsch (A), Silvia Salzmann (A), Vera Neubauer (A), Nora Pider (A), Helen Schoene (GER), Arttu Palmio (FIN), Matthias Mollner (A), Matan Levkowich (ISR), Andrea Maria Handler (A), Tiina Sööt (EE), Dorothea Zeyringer (A), Karin Steinbrugger (A), Jasmin Schaitl (A), William "Bilwa" Costa (US), Gina Battistich (A), Waltraud Brauner (A), Nici Rutrecht (A), Maria Teresa Tanzarella (I), Cat Jimenez (A), Arne Mannott (I), Sara De Santis (I), Patric Redl (A), Suni Löschner (A), Andrea Gunnlaugsdóttir (ISL), Sarah Isabel Beckmann (A), Silvia Brodi (I)


Documentation Term 1-13


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U 2 Taborstraße >> Rotensterngasse >> 300m until Zirkusgasse >> T*H
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