Dancers, choreographers and performers are welcome to apply to the T*H residency project Artist At Resort | Term 21. Please submit your project proposals until Dec 04, 2022. The residency period covers 9 weeks from 23.1.2023, with a final presentation, scheduled for March 24-26, 2023.
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For the AAR Residency Program, artists are invited by Bert Gstettner to work on a choreographic-performative work in the T*H Studios. The artists are accepted with confidence as equal partners who approach their project independently and autonomously. They should be able to devote themselves entirely to their ideas, visions and research. Their artistic results will be prepared and presented publicly in the context of the Werkschau, also at the T*H Studio.

The residencies will be accompanied in artistic and production terms by the personal advice of Bert Gstettner. With more than 30 years of experience as a choreographer, company and label director, he is able to understand the concerns of the younger artists and may help them in their creations. The artists can find time for experimentation and development of choreographic processes for several weeks.

Beyond the studio space, stage equipment, costume consulting, PR text consulting is offered. An individually agreed production grant or artistic fee can be offered depending on the funding situation and project scope.

Co-Curation | Co-Mentoring

Bert Gstettner is going to add a "Board of Curators and Mentors" to the AAR-team. Fellow artists (also former AAR artists) are invited to take part in the decision-making process in order to act as coaching/mentoring partner. This will open up new collaborations and perspectives in the choice of applicants and artistic support. 2022 artists Andrea Nagl and Imani Rameses will take over this part. 2023 tba.


Pics: Jour Fixe AAR Term 14, 2017 | Rehearsal Arttu Palmio, AAR Term 8, 2013 | AAR Term 10 Performance Evening, 2014


Dancers and choreographers with new duo projects (concepts) may apply independently of age, origin, education and history of prior applications. All forms of expression that have contemporary dance, choreography or performance art as their starting point are highly welcome.

To apply, please send a short project description along with a CV, list of works, references and video links to artistic director Bert Gstettner, or send your written aplications and your DVDs to Tanz*Hotel / Bert Gstettner, Zirkusgasse 35, 1020 Vienna
AAR is supported by WienKultur, Wien-Leopoldstadt, Bildrecht GmbH, bmkoes...

A membership at the Bildrecht GmbH>>> (for licensing and questions of law) is recommended.