A dance theatre performance for children from 5 to 100 years,
based on a children's book by Heinz Janisch and Selda Marlin Soganci,
a production and choreography by Bert Gstettner. 

 Run-time about 50 minutes. Suitable for children aged five to ten.


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Mister Jemineh is a lucky fellow. While they have lunch he tells Misses Jemineh his adventurous journey through everyday life that led him into her arms. Although unforeseen events happen all the time, he is always lucky. One wondrous incident follows the next. He blunders, but even so he is fortunate enough to find a threatre ticket. How can you be lucky in life and what is bad luck?
Two dancers, two musicians and a children's ensemble bring Mister Jemineh's lucky journey to life.


Debut performance: 28.03., 30.03., 31.03. & 09. – 12.04.2013
Revival: Autumn: 03. – 06.10.2013 | Winter:
DSCHUNGEL WIEN, MQ | MQ | Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna
+43 1 522 07 20 20 | tickets@dschungelwien.at | www.dschungelwien.at


pics © Tanz*Hotel / Devi Saha


Selection of press clippings

 "How to stage a children's book about everything only just lucky, how to tell a funny story with dance, performance, theatre and music while being a bit philosophical, that is what Bert Gstettner (Tanz*Hotel) shows in "Herr Jemineh hat Glück" at Dschungel Wien. (...)
The "dance theatre with live music" (including a sparing use of beautifully spoken text) has been developed for children but adults will enjoy it likewise.
The excellent original text and the perfect professional and creative realization result in a masterpiece, thanks to the commitment and effort of all people involved. Truly! Expressed without any pathos."
tanz.at, author: Ditta Rudle, 28.03.2013
>>> www.tanz.at/>>>


 pics ©  Heinz Zwazl



PERFORMERS/CO-CHOREOGRAPHERS Ákos Hargitay, Nora Pider sowie das
CHILDREN'S ENSEMBLE Mary Ann Bayrleitner, Tara Biegler, Myron Olev, Max Gstettner, Herbert Pirker

DIRECTOR/CHOREOGRAPHER Bert Gstettner | MUSIC Katharina Ernst, Matija Schellander|
Igor Gross, Masae Suzaki| COSTUME DESIGNER Devi Saha | STAGE DESIGN Monika Biegler | STAGE LIGHTING Klaus Greif |
Julia Muralter | COSTUME ASSISTANT Salomé Ritterband | STAGE DESIGN ASSISTANT Beate Bauer |
PRODUCTION COORDINATOR Claudia Bürger | PRODUCTION Tanz*Hotel / Art*Act Kunstverein |
STAGE RIGHTS Thomas Sessler Verlag for Residenzverlag | version for dance theatre Bert Gstettner


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Graphic Design: Kornelius Tarmann


WienKultur and SKE


Special Thanks to
the parents of the children’s cast for their support | Àkos Hargitay for the production of the video teaser
| 'Vivobarefoot' for the sponsoring of the shoes for Mr. Jemineh and children’s cast |
'Hochreiter Fleischwaren' for the sponsoring of the dumpling premiere buffet