A satirical dance-theatre piece with small gestures and giant jumps.
1h | ages 10 and up

3rd run: 29th of September, 10.30 a.m. and 6.00 p.m. | 30th., 7.00 p.m.

 DSCHUNGEL WIEN - Theaterhaus für junges Publikum, MQ | Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna | >>>Booking/Tickets>>>


In an episodic and partly bizarre way, five growing boys and three adults are looking at the world of today from their own point of view. Excesses of everyday life which is overstimulated by media versus "real life". This kind of life needs the in-between and the art of transformation. Boys wear beards, because they wanna be like men. Grown ups acting like clowns, because they wanna play like children again. Small masterminds and big boasters becoming giants and dwarfs, but they will always be human. 

They will dance, rap and make fun of everything what is actually going on in this world. No attention to global players, politicians, and wannabes. And right inside there is once own small Universe: you "like" what you love or you become the next famous viral videostar.

PREMIERE: 22nd of March 2017
1st run: 23rd to 26th of March | 2nd run: 20th to 23rd of April 2017

Bert Gstettners choreographic work combines dance, theatre, circus and music. Riesen*Zwerge for him it is all about opposites, dimensions and proportions and how young people could affect these. The performers are exploring the opposites of small–big, young–old, reality–fiction in a scenery, which is made by Matthias Mollner. The focus is on the interaction between boys and adults, which link the different generations. Music is made by Günther Rabl, it helps to be transported into a mythical world with fairy tales and fantastic places.

All Pics: Akos Hargitay, Matthias Mollner, Max Moser. Vienna 2017

After Herr*Jemineh hat Glück and Wild*Things, Riesen*Zwerge is the latest Tanz*Hotel production where young performers of the T*H Junior*Company are working together again with professional dancers.

PERFORMANCE/DANCE/CO-CHOREOGRAPHY   Ákos Hargitay, Arne Mannott, Stefan Ried
T*H JUNIOR*COMPANY  Benni Angelov, Luis Aue, Max Gstettner, Myron Olev, Herbert Pirker
STAGE   Matthias Mollner | COSTUME   Hanna Adlaoui Mayerl | MUSIC   Günther Rabl | ACTING-COACH  Noemi Fischer |
ASSISTANT   Vera Skala | ORGANISATION   Claudia Bürger
PRODUCTION   Tanz*Hotel / Art*Act Kunstverein
SUPPORTED BY   WienKultur, Bildrecht GmbH

 WienKultur | www.bildrecht.at


Invitation: Kornelius Tarmann Design, 2017