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Duffle bags packed, brain- and body sails afloat - the Time*Sailors are back!


In Bert Gstettner's powerful choreography, six young men move, as if in a space capsule, through time and space. Living together in a small place strengthen their relationship, but also causes conflicts and rivalry, which they manage in a humorous and expressive way.

 In an imaginative and acrobatic way the dancers use the changeable stage elements and move in the powerful choreography of Bert Gstettner. A joyful and touching dance piece, which takes us on a fantasy trip, spiced with science fiction elements and sea shanties.


"Time*Sailors - sailing around and through time" … the message was already clear back in 1995, when the original crew came aboard their time-ship and sailed for three years. 27 years later, in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the company and production-label Tanz*Hotel, Bert Gstettner interprets and orchestrates his bursting 1990-era choreography with a new cast. He brings a piece of Viennese contemporary dance history back on the international stage.

All photos: Laurent Ziegler | Bildrecht 2022

DANCE & PERFORMANCE CREW: Łukasz Czapski, Marcin Denkiewicz, Michael Gross, Patric Redl, Thales Weilinger, Elia Zahnd 

MUSIC: Klaus Obermaier, Robert Spour 
STAGEDESIGN: Gernot Sommerfeld
COSTUMES: Heidemarie Bauer-Just (1995-1998), Hanna Adlaoui Mayerl (2022)
ORGANISATION, PR: Claudia Bürger
PRODUCTION: Tanz*Hotel / Art*Act Kunstverein


Premiere at ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival 2022
New date of the premiere*: August 6/2022, 7.00 pm at Odeon | Taborstraße 10, 1020 Vienna
Programm >>>>

* Due to the postponement of the performances because of illness (originally Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz July 18 and 20, 2022) and the scheduling conflicts, Kirin España takes over for Thales Weilinger and Bert Gstettner for Patric Redl.

Performances for young audience
Dates 2022: Oct 17, 7.30pm | Oct 19, 10.30am & 7.30pm | Oct 20 & 21, 10.30am | Oct 22, 7.30pm
Dates 2023: Jan 11, 7.30pm | Jan 12, 10.30am | Jan 13, 10.30am & 7.30pm | Jan 14, 7.30pm
Theaterhaus Dschungel Wien, MQ | Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna


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