MINI*TAUROS - and the secret of the maze


Premiere 2020 | dance-theater with live music | duration 60 min | recommended age: 8 years upwards

Premiere: April 15, 2020 at 7pm
1st Run: April 16 and 17 at 10am | April 18, 6.30pm | April 19, 4.30pm | April 20, 10am

Tickets, Booking: |
DSCHUNGEL WIEN, MQ | Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna +43 1 522 07 20 20

Foto: Martina Stapf, 2019 

Mini*Tauros is trapped in the kings mysterious maze-like construction. There is no way out and in it's center, a dangerous creature - part man, part bull is waiting for you... But shrewd Theseus is a smart guy, he solved nearly every problem and Ariadne, the king's daughter, already has an idea...

Grab the yarn and hold it thight! 

All four pics by Martina Stapf, 2019

Let's be still and listen... Are we trapped? Can you hear your echo, will it help us to find the right way? Grab the thread and hold it thight. Unleash your power to fearlessly face the beast!

Keep quiet! - can you hear soemthing? Is there someone here? Can you hear your heart beat? Can you hear your own breathing? Can you feel how the earth shakes beneath your feet? 

I plucked up all one's courage to walk in... Does the minotaur eats children? Does he have to be killed or is it possible to release him in a different way? - When I will meet him, I will look him straight in the eye! Then I will not be afraid anymore...

The children's ensemble is again, playing together with professional dancers and musicians.


choreography, direction, screenplay, stage: Bert Gstettner
dance, performance: Elina Lautamäki, Stefan Ried, Verena Schneider and the
T*H kids-team: Caspar Fuchs, Vanessa Fülöp, Lilli Horner, Julian Voglmayr, Leo Wacha
music: Stefan Heckel
costume: Hanna Adlaoui-Mayerl
artistic support: Noemi Fischer
assistant: Miriam Strasser 
organisation: Claudia Bürger
production: Tanz*Hotel / Art*Act

 First workshop on Minotaur, the maze & others...
30./31.10.2019 | Pics: B.G.


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