Butoh - From the Roots

mit DaniMayu

In this Workshop DaniMayu leads back to the origin of Butoh as it was handed over to her from disciples of Tatsumi Hijikata. While meeting demons and monsters, transforming into alien beings, becoming plants, insects or phenomenons or being moved by the unknown you will come closer to your personal Tohoku* and Butoh.

*In striving for something original Japanese, Hijikata turned back towards his origins in Akita. However, Hijikata wanted to establish something more universal; as he put it:  there’s a Tohoku even in England, meaning Butoh sleeps in everyone.

Photo: Will Lopes

Module 1: The first part of this workshops is an approach to what was called Ankoku Butoh. It is based on origin teaching of Tatsumi Hijikata, which was collected, written down, preserved and passed on in its original form e.g. by Akiko Motofuji, the now deceased widow of Tatsumi Hijikata or Hino Hiruko, the youngest student of Tatsumi Hijikata. This module presents some forms and little choreographies created by the father of Butoh.

Module 2: The second part of this workshop is dedicated to the Butoh of Kazuo Ohno and Yoshito Ohno. Supposed to represent the light side of Butoh, this module deals with the circle of life and death, the way of the flower and the path of the moon which will touch your deepest self that leads to your personal and unique ButohDance.

Module 3: The last part deals with Temptenshiki, the Butoh of Dairakudakan founded by Akaji Maro, a student of Tatsumi Hijikata and with whom the father of Butoh had his last dance in flesh. Meaning ‘being born in this world is a talent by itself’ this module opens up to find forgotten gestures from the time before we were born

Dienstag 17.45-19.15 Uhr

Termine Modul 1: 28.03.2023 + 11.,18.& 25.04.2023
Termine Modul 2: 02., 09., 16., 23. & 30.05.2023
Termine Modul 3: 06., 13., 20. & 27.06.2023
Kosten: 65€ / Modul, 180€ / 3-Modul-Package
Info & Anmeldung: office@butoh-danimayu.com