Artist At Resort (AAR) is the artist in residence program for dance and performance hosted by Tanz*Hotel. Artists are supported with artistic mentoring by Bert Gstettner and co-produced by Tanz*Hotel.

THERE'S BASS IN A BEE by Asher O'Gorman, Daniel Lercher, Tara Silverthorn | ERBSENSTÜCK by Verena Schneider | FUGE . RANDALE by lux flux withInge Kaindlstorfer & Team | WHEN THE GROUND by Soraya Leila

Performances 30. April, 1. & 2. Mai 2019
7pm doors open | 7.30pm Performances |  approx. 9.30pm drinks & snacks
Tanz*Hotel | Resort 1020 Studios at Zirkusgasse 35, 1020 Vienna
Fee: 15 / 12 Euro | Limited seats available, reservation is recommended via Ticketteer


Concept, performance: Asher O'Gorman, Daniel Lercher, Tara Silverthorn
Choreography: Asher O'Gorman, Tara Silverthorn
Sound: Daniel Lercher


Daniel, Asher and Tara practice ways of being and dialoguing with objects and materials. there’s bass in a bee is rooted in the sensorial, relational and experiential, creating a space where materials are listened to, both physically and audibly. This work-in-process is a result of a three week residency at Tanz*hotel and opens the beginnings of a new collaborative project. Light, vibration, metals and a collection of other elements are used as components in an experiment to make the movement of sound visible and palpable. Daniel, Asher and Tara gather their respective artistic fields in sound, visual arts and choreography to claim their rightful place as alchemist-scientist-artists. | Silverthorn@Eleven Farrer House |


Performance, concept: Verena Schneider


The performer takes us on a journey back into her childhood where she suffered of an eating disorder. In a funny dialogue with her alter ego ‚Ally’ she partly reenacts and reflects her past experience. This autobiographical piece is about self acceptance and explores technically the relationship between contemporary dance and new circus. The pea serves as a symbol for the thin line between nothing and just enough.


Choreography, performance: lux flux mit David Ender, Elisabeth Flunger, Helga Gussner-Peham,
Wolfgang Jagschitz, Inge Kaindlstorfer, Maria Kreitner
Concept: Sonja Browne, Elisabeth Flunger, Inge Kaindstorfer
Music: Elisabeth Flunger, David Ender
Artistic director of project: Inge Kaindstorfer

Since 1994 lux flux is experimenting with dance, movement, action, sound, music, installation and everyday life. Working for a long time on the barogue form of the fugue, the collective is creating improvisational structures based on imitation and variation. Simple motives are repeated and transformed by using text, movement and sound. Riots are important, but yet we do not know if during the performance a breakout will happen or not. | |


Performance, concept: Soraya Leila
Music: Philipp Pettauer
Costume Design: Angela Karpouzi


A dance as discourse between the mysterious, the impenetrable and the universal. In a fragile equilibrium, in perpetual motion the body seeks blindly its identity and, muffled in the forces of nature, it inhabits a soul. From the ground to the dust: a moment between worlds and a transformation between physical states and identities – the power of rituals.
Instagram @Sorayaleiladance | | |


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AAR T*H-Team
Artistic director, coaching: Bert Gstettner
  Technical director: Alexander Wanko | Graphic: Kornelius Tarmann, Judith Rataitz | Video: Sigrid Friedmann | Photos: Martina Stapf
Organisation: Claudia Bürger | Tanz*Hotel/Art*Act in coproduction with the artists in residence


 T*H | Artist At Resort - support
Wien-Kultur, Leopoldstadt, Bildrecht GmbH


AAR TeilnehmerInnen Term 1 – 15
Sharon Booth (CAN), Sonja Browne & danse brute (A), Fanni Futterknecht (A), Deborah Hazler (A), Veronika Mayerböck (A), Natalie Trs (A), Lina Maria Venegas (A), Howool Baek (KOR), Stefanie Wieser (A), Paolo Baccarani (I), Tobias Draeger (D), Michael Turinsky (A) & danse brute, Silvia Salzmann (A), Julia Danzinger (A), Sophie Beer (A), Andrea Nagl (A), Indira Nunez (VE), Leonie Humitsch (A), Silvia Salzmann (A), Vera Neubauer (A), Nora Pider (A), Helen Schoene (GER), Arttu Palmio (FIN), Matthias Mollner (A), Matan Levkowich (ISR), Andrea Maria Handler (A), Tiina Sööt (EE), Dorothea Zeyringer (A), Karin Steinbrugger (A), Jasmin Schaitl (A), William "Bilwa" Costa (US), Gina Battistich (A), Waltraud Brauner (A), Nici Rutrecht (A), Maria Teresa Tanzarella (I), Cat Jimenez (A), Arne Mannott (D), Sara De Santis (I), Patric Redl (A), Suni Löschner (A), Andrea Gunnlaugsdóttir (ISL), Sarah Isabel Beckmann (A), Silvia Brodi (I), Katharina Weinhuber (D), Sophia Hörmann (A), Lola Atger (F), Verena Schneider (A), Iris Dittler (A), Desi Bonato (I), Eva Sommer (A), Miriam Kruppa (A) ...


Documentation Term 1-15


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