Artist At Resort - Residence Project


AAR since 2008
T*H has been building up its broad production resources over many years inviting young artistically associated performers into the exciting and interesting context of Tanz*Hotel | Resort 1020. AAR is a Residence/Coaching/Mentoring-Project for Contemporary Dance initiated by Artistic Director Choreographer Bert Gstettner. He sees his responsibility in suporting the young participants into shared processes and strategies of creation. The focus is on developing new material. The residence period at AAR is accompanied by lectures, Jour Fixe, dramaturgical discourse as well as rehearsal and performance coachings.  

 From 2008 to 2019 over 50 diverse artists and their showings have been co-produced within 16 Terms. Some of the participants reached groundbreaking results, others took the opportunity to stop by on their journey of research. For the upcoming residences from 2020/21 onwards Bert Gstettner wants to introduce new options and formats to meet the various needs of the participants and their current processes of creation. Flexibility and continuity as well as the juxtaposition of different residence formats should stimulate exciting forward-looking results.

AAR 2020/21
 Gradually, from 2020 onwards three variations of Artist At Resort Projects will be introduced, called for and combined: The well established saisonal residences lasting up three months will be complemented within a year by a long-term ALL-YEAR-Residence and shortly called for and hosted MINI-Residences. Here are the details:

One year residence calls for experienced choreographers. Within the residence period a new piece will be created as well as parts of the artists’ former work can be presented. This will render an overview like portraits of the artists’ or the formations’ development.
Studio up to 200 hours spread over the year | about 6 presentations within 2 AAR-Showings | length of performance approximately 40 minutes | production means for stage, costume, light | Application by end of June, decision by end of August

Four Season residences annually held within 2 Terms. New creations in the field of dance, choreography and performance. Also in cooperation with contemporary music compostion and/or fine arts.
Studio up to 100 hours spread over 8 – 12 weeks | 4 pieces x 3 presentations within 2 AAR-Showings | length of performance approximately 20 minutes | production means for stage, costume, light | Application 6 months prior to residence period

Four shorttime residences annually spread over 2 terms. Conceived for artists who travel from residence to residence developing and presenting their work in progress. This format offers young choreographers and performers from abroad the opportunity to present their work in Vienna.
Studio up to 30 hours spread over 4 weeks or concentrated for several days |  presentations within 2 AAR-Showings | length of performance approximately 10 minutes | small production means for stage, costume, light | Application 2 months prior to residence period

  In 2022 Bert Gstettner invites artist colleagues to join the decision-making and creation process as co-curators and co-mentoring partners. In this way, he opens up new collaborations and perspectives, in the choice of applicants and artistic support. Who are the mentors? 

This three to four days of presentation are held twice a year (spring, fall). Out of all three formats ALL YEAR, SEASON, MINI up to five pieces are programmed for the show to perform at T*H | RESORT 1020. Further support: light, sound, access to former T*H costumes and stage props, organizational support. The Art*Act Kunstverein membership is part of the agreement, the annual fee is €45.

Artistic Director, Coaching: Bert Gstettner
Stage, Light: Alexander Wanko | Graphic: Kornelius Tarmann, Judith Rataitz | Video: Sigrid Friedmann | Photos: Martina Stapf | Organisation: Claudia Bürger | Co-Produktion: Tanz*Hotel/Art*Act together with the artist

Supported by WienKultur, Wien-Leopoldstadt and Bildrecht GmbH.