The following artists develop and present their new projects in the residency program Artist At Resort | Term 21. The participants will be artistically accompanied by Bert Gstettner (AAR direction, mentoring and curation), co-curated and mentored by Imani Rameses and Jasmin Schaitl. We are looking forward to:

Viviane Tanzmeister | Still Talking To You
Verena Frauenlob | KOERPERWERK
Michael Gross & Kamil Mrozowski | n a h e z u n a h 

Presentations March 24-26, 2023, 7.30pm
Tanz*Hotel | Resort 1020 Studios at Zirkusgasse 35, 1020 Vienna
7.00pm sale of reserved tickets (only cash!) | 7.30pm Performances
Fee: 16 / 12 Euro reduced for: members of IGFT, Ö1 as well as for students and seniors (65+) | Ticketleo Booking >>>

Artistic director, Mentor: Bert Gstettner 
Co-Curator, Mentor: Imani Rameses, Jasmin Schaitl
Technical Director: Edgar Aichinger
Photos by: Martina Stapf
Organisation: Claudia Bürger
Coproduction: Tanz*Hotel/Art*Act with artists in residence

T*H | Artist At Resort - is supported by: 
Wien-Kultur, Wien-Leopoldstadt, bmkoes, Bildrecht GmbH



Still Talking To You
Concept, Performance: Viviane Tanzmeister
Involvement: Margit Tanzmeister
Music: Nikson „Hululu”, Good Lee „Senseless“, BLACK FØREST „Care“, „Wauwii“
Interviews: Saskia Horton, James Gallego Olivo, Siegfried und Hedwig Salzmann, Dovydas Laurinaitis, Margit Tanzmeister
Mentoring: Imani Rameses

Photos by Martina Stapf

Even when you’re not here anymore, you are present. And I am still talking to you. I talk through you to myself. In this solo-performance I invite people and animals that I lost to sit with me at the table: let's talk, let's linger, let's play! It is an attempt to make emptiness visible. A try to get in touch. With things that have been, things that remain and the inevitable. In search of comfort, peace and memory, I start the journey to explore loss. To come face to face with the various forms it expresses itself until I can live with and move through it.

Viviane Tanzmeister (AT) - Through the medium of dance I get to know the world. I am fascinated by non-verbal communication and the exchange that happens when you enter a space without words. I draw my dance experience from Contemporary, Breaking and House. Besides technical skills, I am passionate about storytelling and showing authenticity and vulnerability on stage. 

Instagram: @vivos___/



Concept, Performance: Verena Frauenlob
Performance: artists participating in the research process
Mentoring: Jasmin Schaitl

Photos by Martina Stapf

"Körperwerk" is an artistic work where movements are instructed. It is about grasping complex movements of physical work. Participants are invited to contextualize these through their own movement practice. Based on the assumption that we work and will work less and lessphysically, "Körperwerk" takes up these working movements and exploits their potential to challenge the body. It is up to the participants to interpret the instuctions through their movements. As they are no longer related to their original context, the meaning can be redefined through once own body language.

Verena Frauenlob (AT) - studies at the University of Applied Arts in the department TransArts. After her education as a sculptor, she has been working with a wide various media, especially performance. Her strong interest in the body, the corporeal, the embodied, the sensual has always accompanied her.
Photos by Martina Stapf

Instagram: @frauenlob.verena



n a h e z u n a h (c l o s e t o o c l o s e)
Concept, Choreography, Performance: Michael Gross & Kamil Mrozowski 
Music in collaboration with: Lissie Rettenwander 
Mentoring: Bert Gstettner 

Photos by Martina Stapf

Two figures of similar appearance strive to unite their physical existence. Driven by their attraction, they form a new creature. In an effort to become one, they clumsily stumble along the ideal of perfect symbiosis. Are their attempts by voice, movement and imitation to achive unison and synchronisation only an illusion? They seem to come pretty close, but…

Michael Gabriel Gross (DE/AT) - freelance dancer & mediator in contemporary dance. Close collaboration with the dancers collective OFFTanz Tirol e.g. in "wild hunt", "skinned*360", "aus ein an der", and "embodiments". He was active with Bert Gstettner and the "Tanz*Hotel" for the production "time*sailors", which was shown at Impulstanz 2022 and at Dschungel Wien in a play series. Currently Michael is dancing with "kollektiv kunststoff" in several productions in summer 2023 - at MQ Vienna and Schäxpir Festival Linz.

Kamil Mateusz Mrozowski (PL/AT) - dancer and dance educator. Engagements with Regina van Berkel "take SHORT impro", "Workers Union" and "Petrushka" in the Netherlands/Germany. Participation in pieces of OFFTanz Tirol among others "Soliloquium". Collaboration with Anna Maria Karabela (PL), the main goal of the project: to bring people closer to culture, through dancing together in public spaces. His interest lies in the connection of the body and the voice. Kamil can be seen at the Schäxpir Festival Linz, with the "kollektiv kunststoff" in June 2023. | Instagram: @mrozowskidance


 Concept and structure of AAR >>>
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